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Rectangular Banners and Flags

High Quality, Expertly Finished Rectangular Banners & Flags at low prices!
  • High Quality Banners at Low Prices.
  • ON TIME – Fast & Efficient Production
  • Long Life, Durable Flag Material with Hi Resolution Printing
  • Really Grab the attention of Traffic and Highlight your services
  • Large Range of Sizes , Styles and Bases. High Quality Hardware.


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“The team at Printsmart were absolutely fantastic to work with, the process from start to finish could not have been easier.”– Michael, Queensland

High Quality Rectangular Banners and Flags at Low prices.

Are you looking for High Quality, Expertly Finished Rectangular Banners and Flags at low prices? Banners and Flags that are guaranteed to attract the attention of passing traffic and walk by pedestrians?

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Our printing is done on durable, long lasting storm flag material. All our poles and bases are designed for long life use and guaranteed for 2 years.

The Rectangular shaped Streamers and Signs provide a large print area to promote your products, services or event.

Logos, Images and text will really stand out with these streamers and make them eye catching and highly visible.
They are an effective outdoor advertising signage that offer portability and are simple to set up.

The Multi Surfaced Weightable Base for the signage poles has bearings that allow the Streamers to rotate with the wind so they are always drawing attention and can withstand the windiest of days.

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Rectangular Banner and Flags Features:

Sometimes known as Block Signs or Straight Streamers, our Advertising Signs are commonly printed as True Double Sided Signage on durable storm cloth fabric. The print on the streamers can be clearly seen from any direction.

The new Multi surface base , star cross base or ground spike means you can set up your sign streamer on any ground surface or location. Rectangular Signages and Streamers are widely used in promoting events, exhibitions, beach sports and any product or service.

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  • Double Sided and Single Sided Printing using UV Resistant Inks.
  • Lightweight but ultra sturdy poles and Multi Surface base.
  • Wind Rotation creates movement and grabs attention.
  • The Sign Flags come in 4 sizes.
  • Large print area mean higher brand recognition.
  • Ease of set up. Light weight and easy to carry.
  • Convenience of Replaceable Signage Prints.
  • Delivered Australia Wide often at no cost.


True Double Sided Printing!
Logos are seen clearly on both sides.
Top quality stand and base.
Front of Flag | Back of Flag

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Sizes and Specifications:

  • Small : 2 metres x 800mm
  • Medium : 3 metres x 800mm
  • Large : 4 metres x 800mm
  • Extra Large: 5 metres x 800mm

Rectangular Banner Flags: Your business marketing secret weapon?

Buy high-quality banners and flags from us — the classic rectangle-shaped flag will give you plenty of space to sell your business.

Our flags are easy to set up, and can be used across a wide range of businesses and retail outlets. From outside car shows, to indoor sports shops— a rectangular banner is a great way to engage customers at a low-cost with minimal hassle.

Custom designs are a brilliant way to showcase your messaging to the world— make the most of the large vertical ad area with a striking logo, graphics, and copy. Use the space to tell a micro-story, or inform people of your latest offers.

Our corporate flags allow for a high level of brand recognition, and come in four different sizes for your convenience.

What make our rectangular flags unique?

Our banners are made out of weatherproof, high-quality printed material that you can wash — they are ideal for heavy-duty or repeat use. Thanks to the strong construction of the flag, pole, and base, they are ideal for long-term marketing.

  • Classic flag shape meets high-impact graphics for the ideal promo combination
  • Quality double-sided & single-sided digital printing using UV resistant inks for vivid colours that won’t fade in the sun
  • High-quality poles and bases (we also stock other accessories like weights and spikes)
  • Four sizes to suit all eventualities, from small to extra large
  • Easy to set up— our products are practical to transport and carry (especially if you buy one of our carriers)
  • Convenience of replaceable graphics— just change the canvas material and keep the rest of your kit

Easy to assemble and pack away, these flags can be used on pavements to drive in customers, to create branded displays, or at events to guide people. Rectangular flags are a great alternative to feather and teardrop banners.

A small one makes a nice subtle impression, whereas an extra large one can be quite imposing and will be legible from far away — perfect for marketing that needs to have an instantaneous impact. Think about how flag size will impact the designs you can go for — you don’t want your flag to be too crowded.

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Guaranteed to please

All our promotional flags are designed with longevity in mind, using durable and quality manufactured materials. Our flags will stand the test of time — your logo and messages won’t fade.

Rectangular banners are different from ‘traditional flags’ in that they have a much narrower vertical flag space. Tall and proud, these flags are great for making big, bold marketing statements. These banners have a larger print area than some of the other ones stock, making them perfect for intricate designs, and ideal for businesses who need to include a lot of information. All that space creates the perfect medium for exploring brand creativity — though the focus should always be on your customers and their needs!

These flags are good for heavy-duty outdoor use (where they will come under pressure from the Australian sun). That’s why we use a UV-safe ink that’s printed on using a special technique; the ink is actually set into the lightweight fabric, rather than sitting on top — making for a more permanent printed surface.

Thanks to the weather-resistant material we use and its proximity to the flagpole, these flags stay very upright. You won’t have to worry about this one furling around the pole in the wind; the system is designed to rotate a full 360 degrees, keeping your branding visible at all times.

Our bases and poles are all sold separately — we will help you find the right kit for your needs.

Find out today why a custom banner could make all the different to your next business event…

How to design your own custom banner?

These flags are big enough to have a big impact, even when seen from afar — so make your promotional message super clear. The rectangle shape is ideal for custom printing as you get a lot of print space to play with.

Printing your own design is a a great way to make a mark with your branding. Instead of generic, stock designs, you’ll get a high-quality custom design that will stand the test of time and match up with the rest of your promotional materials.

When you are designing your own advertisement, think carefully about how you will use colour contrast and text to draw people’s eyes. Logos, images, and text will really stand out on these— they’re the perfect medium for outdoor advertising —  so think carefully about positioning and information hierarchy.

If you have gone for the one-sided print, people will see the mirror image of your promotional image on the back, whereas double-sided printing allows for two distinct messages to be displayed thanks to special backing and material stitching.

Speak to our design team today to create your own custom design.

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