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Banners and Flags Equipment

High Quality,Long Life, Banner Flag Poles, Bases and Bags
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Banners and Flags Equipment

All of our Banners and Flags Equipment is manufactured to the highest standards. They are designed for regular, long life use and come with a 2 year warranty.

    • Poles : Our Flag Poles are produced from high quality tempered aluminium and designed to withstand extreme weather. They will bend and flex before breaking , and will last for years. The poles suit all base styles.
    • Bases : There are 5 main base options to suit different surfaces and display locations. All manufactured to exacting standards.

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  • Multi Surface Water Weightable Base : Suits any surface in any location and can be filled with water to weight it.
  • This saves having to purchase and carry different bases.
  • Cross Foot base is widely use . It is sturdy and stable.
  • Star Cross base suits hard surfaces and is sturdy and stable.
  • Ground Spike is used for grassy or sandy location like the beach.
  • Heavy duty Flat metal plate bases suit hard surfaces.
  • Water Bags and Sand Bags are also available for weighing down the base.
  • Carry Bags are padded with opening zips. They are well made and durable to keep your equipment in good condition.

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    Flag Pole Set and Ground Spike

  • img-tag

    Flag Pole set in Zip Carry Bag

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    Different Size Flag Pole Sets

  • img-tag

    High quality Flag Poles

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    Carry Bags in Different Sizes

  • accessories

    Multi-Surface Weightable Base with spring

  • img-tag

    Multi-Surface Weightable Base with bearings

  • img-tag

    Carry Bag for Multi – Surface Weightable Base

  • img-tag

    Metal Pegs included for feet of M-S-B for grass

  • img-tag

    Special Coil Spring for M-S-B , wind proof.

  • img-tag

    Cross Feet Base with bearings

  • img-tag

    Heavy duty Cross Feet base

  • img-tag

    Car Tyre Base with bearings

  • img-tag

    Star Cross Base with bearings

  • img-tag

    Ground Spike with bearings

  • img-tag

    Water Weight bag

  • img-tag

    Sand Weight bag

  • img-tag

    Heavy Duty Metal Plate with bearings

  • img-tag

    Heavy duty metal plate economy

  • img-tag

    Heavy duty metal plate galvanised

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Poles & Kits for Your Promo Flags

Buy your complete bundle from us for peace of mind — keep your signs straight and your branding looking fine in all weather.

We stock a wide range of premium flag kits, including aluminium poles, a variety of bases, and carrier bags so that you can transport your banners easily from place to place — crucial if you are trekking around Australia going to tradeshows and festivals!

Quality manufacturing and 2 year guarantees as standard — our flag hardware is built to last and is specially designed for your comfort.

Specialist bundles for custom banners

Fit and secure a flag properly with our kit.

Don’t waste your promotional banner by buying a cheap and inferior flag kit — get a quality bundle that’s both durable and long-lasting. Your vertical flags deserve equipment that’s going to keep them upright and flying high — proudly advertising your organisation, and doing your designs justice.

We know how to properly support rotating flags, giving them extra height and stability where needed. Our stands and poles will help secure your flags both indoors and outdoors; our equipment is custom designed, allowing for perfect fit and safe assembly.

We know that a quality banner stand should perfectly mesh with your flag and be easy to put up and take down; that’s why we’ve made all our kits collapsable. Our holders come in many shapes and sizes — ideal for the busy event marketing team who need something quick and reliable they can put together themselves.

Whether you opted for a teardrop banner, feather flying flag, or a rectangular flag, we have the correct stands, displays, and rods for you. Our materials withstand heavy use, and we also stock some heavy-duty versions of popular bases and stands for those who need a little bit of extra support. We sell quality carrier sleeves and bags so that you can stow all your kit safely away when in transit.We also stock replacement parts, including poles and sandbags, if you ever need to update your kit.

Our bases and poles are sourced from reputable manufacturers and made out of quality materials suited to the Australian climate.

Whether you need a discreet base for  an indoor event, or a heavy-duty metal base with sturdy ground spikes and bearings for a sunny summer festival, we’ve got you covered. Speak to our installation experts to find out which solution is the best for the job.

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Five different bases to suit all surfaces

Depending on whether you are promoting on a hard or soft surface, you will need a different type of flag base (harder surfaces include tarmac, forecourts or gravel; softer surfaces include grass or a sandy beach).

  1. Multi-Surface Weightable Base: suits any surface in any location and can be filled with water to weight it. This saves having to purchase and carry different bases — very cost-effective and cheaper in the long-run
  2. Cross Foot Base: widely used. It is sturdy and stable and will stand you on good stead on hard surfaces. We also supply a heavy duty version for a slightly sturdier hold that’s suitable for larger, bulkier flags
  3. Star Cross Base suits hard surfaces and is sturdy and stable
  4. A Ground Spike is best used for a grassy or sandy location like the beach
  5. Heavy Duty Flat Plate Base: suits hard surfaces
  6. Car Tyre Base is best on stable and flat surfaces.

The Multi-Surface Weightable Base is a popular choice because it offers a versatile solution for both internal and external venues. Using a spring, bearings, and weights, a Multi-Surface base can be transformed and become useful across a whole range of surfaces.

Our bases also with bearings and spikes so that you can hold your flag upright and keep it securely in position. A spike will give you a chance to drive your flag into the ground. Our spikes, though weight-bearing, are specially made to only leave a small trace in the ground — a good idea if you are setting up at an important event!

Quality poles for your promotional needs

Our poles are produced from high quality tempered aluminium and designed to withstand extreme weather. They will bend and flex before breaking, and will last for years — always keeping your flag in perfect orientation and shape.

The poles suit all base styles, and they’re also telescopic and modular so that you can easily control height. The beauty of having an adjustable pole is that you can choose how your want your flag to fly depending on the event and weather. A sectional aluminium pole is a modern solution and as a lightweight metal, it’s both highly durable and portable.

We supply changeable and adjustable flag poles so that you can vary the height of your flag easily.

Complete kits for promotional purposes

Other than the base and pole, we also sell flag accessories to complete the promotional flag bundle. We can help you over the phone and explain what equipment you’re likely to need.

  1. Water bags and sandbags are available for weighing down the bases
  2. We also stock carry bags that are padded with opening zips. They are well-made and will keep your equipment in good condition.

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How do I know what kit I need?

It’s very important to set up your banner with the right equipment so that it stands firm and upright, and so that it shows off your brand to its best advantage.

All of our flagpoles are made from extremely durable aluminium, which is also very portable, making it easy to carry around. We have a range of different flag bases, suited for different surfaces and flag sizes.

Choosing the right pole and the right base for your flag depends on where you plan to use your flag and how you want it to stand.

We will talk you through the surface you are mainly going to be using the banner on, and give you advice accordingly. A Multi-Surface Weightable base is a good all-round option that can be adjusted and personalised with extra accessories.


How do I know what pole I need?

We supply the best kind of flag poles made out of aluminium — durable and hardy, made out of a lightweight metal, you can adjust and collapse our flagpoles very quickly.

How do I know what base I need?

We can help you with that — we stock a wide range of bases that suit soft or hard surfaces. Though a lot of the bases are quite versatile, there are some that are definitely better suited to light indoor use like the Star Cross Base, whereas a Ground Spike will keep everything in place on a softer surface where flags might normally run the risk of falling over.

What’s the best flag base?

Our Multi-Surface Base is incredibly versatile, taking you from event to event and giving your promotional messages great support. You can customise the base with bearings, weights, and a spring.