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Teardrop Banners and Flags

High Quality, Expertly Finished Teardrop Banners & Flags at low prices!
  • High Quality Banners at Low Prices.
  • ON TIME – Fast & Efficient Production
  • Long Life, Durable Flag Material with Hi Resolution Printing
  • Really Grab the attention of Traffic and Highlight your services
  • Large Range of Sizes , Styles and Bases. High Quality Poles.


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“The team at Printsmart were absolutely fantastic to work with. The process of ordering and receiving our Banner Flags was so efficient. A great experience from start to finish.”– Michael, Queensland Olympic Council

High Quality, Expertly Finished Teardrop Banners & Flags at low prices Delivered anywhere in Australia

Our high impact Banners & Flags are designed to grab the attention of passing traffic and walk by pedestrians. They are printed on durable, weather resistant Storm Master material using UV inks. All our poles and bases are designed for long life use and guaranteed for 2 years.

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Designed in the shape of a Teardrop, this style of stretch fabric signage provides a wide print area for placing a logo and text that will make them eye-catching and highly visible.  They are an effective outdoor advertising medium that offers value for money, portability, durability and are simple to set up.

Many of the bases for the poles have bearings that allow them to rotate with the wind so they are always drawing attention.  Double sided printing is the most effective style as traffic can come from any angle and the front and back image can be clearly seen from any direction.

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Teardrop Flags & Signs Features

  1. Double and Single Sided Printing using uv resistant inks.
  2. Lightweight but ultra sturdy poles and base.
  3. Wind Rotation creates movement and grabs attention.
  4. Tear Drop Signages come in 4 sizes.
  5. Ease of set up. Lightweight and easy to carry.
  6. Delivered Australia Wide often at no cost.

There are a lot of different base options available, Eg : Multi-surface base, star base, ground spike, wall mount, tyre wheel base. These allow you many options for the various ground surfaces and locations you would want to display. Call us today on 1300 556 589 to discuss which Tear drop banner size best suits you.

True Double Sided Printing! Logos are seen clearly on both sides. Top quality stand and base. Front of Flag | Back of Flag

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High Quality Finishing on all Banners and Flags

Sizes and Specifications for the Teardrop shape:

  • Small : 2.5m Height – Ad Space 1.8 x 1m
  • Medium : 3.4m Height – Ad Space 2.4 x 1.5m
  • Large  : 4m Height – Ad Space 3 x 1.2m
  • Extra Large : 5m height – Ad space 4m x 1.2
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Custom Teardrop Banner Flags, designed for Australian Conditions

We specialise in designing and producing a full range of custom made tear drop banners. Cost effective and made to last, each of the flags is designed with the marketing purpose/ event and display location in mind.

The styling and layout, matching images and text to showcase the product or service you are looking to promote. Whether it is a company or corporate event, front of store marketing or a golf day, you will see a noticeable lift in enquiry from these powerful marketing tools. They are effective for promoting any product or business service, both outdoors and indoors.

Promote your company branding and services with high quality, unique custom teardrop flags and banners. They have been tested in the toughest Australian environments.  The teardrop shape is a modern and stylish look, and keeps your image and text taut and readable at all times. We are able to fully customise the flag design to match your intended marketing campaign.

Customised production allows you to create an effective design incorporating your company logo and brand tag line , and develop your own marketing message to fit in the available print space.  Outdoor advertising is a significant and growing marketing trend. Because it works.

We offer a fast design and production turnaround times and low-cost delivery Australia Wide — 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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Expertly finished Marketing flags will give your branding a real boost.

Large, medium or small teardrop banners are an effective marketing option that will grab the attention of potential customers outside your business, shop, or walk by enquiry to your event.  

Well positioned, moving and rotating signage can be highly visible from the road. This is great for catching the eye of passing drivers.  Create one for a special event, to market special sales, or to promote a product launch or grand opening.

Teardrop banners are light weight so are easy to carry to site and set up.  Displaying a top curved silhouette , the rounded top of the tear drop shape and flexibility of the poles are the effective shape in both windy and calm environments.

Our flag material is made of a special storm master fabric and printed with uv-resistant inks. The print production is done using the latest digital printing methods, ensuring colour vibrancy and longevity.  As far as event marketing goes, these are inexpensive and good value for money . They won’t quickly fade if taken in at the end of each day.

Choose a design from our range of concepts on our website or design exactly what you want.  Our expert design team will help you create your own promotional message to ensure you end up with a marketing flag that will really stand out.

We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround service — order today for an important event and we will make sure it gets there.

How to make Outdoor advertising banners effective

The first thing is the Design has to be outstanding and the quality of the Print production High resolution.  The material has to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, with the banners fabric being very durable, weather resistant and always printed with uv resistant inks. Should they get dirty they can be washed and steamed.  Great print quality with good colour fastness is also important.

Here are a number of reasons why we think our Tear Drop banners will be an effective outdoor flag option for you :

  • By using In-built rotation on the base, the teardrop shape creates movement and grabs attention that is attractive and effective,
  • Printed either double or single-sided using UV-resistant inks (perfect for the  Australian climate)
  • Great finishing : Quality stitching improves durability (double-sided banners have an extra panel
  • A great Design team to help guide you through the artwork process.  Good artwork means good quality printing.
  • Use Lightweight, but ultra sturdy poles and bases to suit any ground or surface . Ensure your kit is easy to transport and set up .

Our range of teardrop banners and Flags come in four sizes, from small to extra-large. We can guide you as to which height of poles would suit the location and purpose you are display at, and how big you need your ad space to be.  A group of flags can make quite an impression on a paved forecourt of a store or building attracting passing pedestrians . They are a proven display medium that makes sure you maximise visual impact!

Design templates Information updated 28/ 3/ 2019  

Choosing the best size teardrop flag for your business

There are a range of different sizes to choose from.  The viewing distance to your potential prospects and customers and how much visibility you have will determine the best size banner you go with.  The Teardrop shape will keep the flag material taut and close to the pole in order to maximise rotation and visibility. Designed to have a large rounded top it allows for a lot of usable print space.  The width at the top is wider as you change to a larger flag.  The sizes are extra  small (2 metres) , Small (2.5 Metres) , Medium (3 metres) , Large (4 metres)  Extra Large (5 Metres). Each sizes provide a good print area for any style of images, logo and text.

This shape is different to the vertical feather flag — they are similar in height but quite different in width and print surface area. Which you choose and which size depends upon a lot of design factors. They both work equally well. Your choice depends on your setting, the shape of your graphics, and your personal preference. We can help you decide which one is best for you.

The beauty of the different available sizes is you can also step up in size from small to large banners and make a real impression. Seeing them set up like this, as the individual sign rotates in the wind, really draws attention. Even in the windiest conditions your signage remains visible and your message is always on display.  To get the most out of your purchase, we recommend going for the double-sided print option: the most striking messages are worth printing both sides (the front and back image can be clearly seen from any direction).

All sizes come with their own carry bags so are very portable and versatile .  The bases are suitable for any of the different sizes.  You can pack them up and easily take them from event to event. Teardrop banners are simple to set up which means either men or women can do this , and they work really well thanks to their minimal assembly time.

Coming in a range of standard flag sizes and custom designs, we guarantee that you will find a teardrop banner that is perfect for your business.

Order yours today and see why other businesses are getting so much value form this form of advertising

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Information updated 28/ 3/ 2019  

Get exactly what you want with a custom designed Tear Drop promotional Flag

We have experienced designers on-hand who can help you design your own banner, using a selection of flag designs and graphics. Our large library of templates and our ability to design your artwork from scratch means that you’ll get a bespoke design in no time at all.

Going custom gives you a chance to show off your creativity — you can use your usual brand colours and slogan, or opt for a striking sales message instead. The beauty of this option means that you can stand out from the crowd with something powerful and striking.

A flag design is ultimately best chosen with its function in mind so you choose the most effective shape . Think about how your messaging is going to work in that context. Visual advertising needs to be crisp and easy to ready — use simple fonts and high-contrast colour combinations. Take advantage of a product that’s fully personalised — create a flag that really represents your brand. With replaceable graphics, you can keep updating your teardrop banner on a regular basis, so don’t be afraid of seasonal messages or event-related content.

When printing, our digital process will recreate the colours and shapes of your design using a special disperse dye ink that’s UV-resistant and long-lasting — ideal for logos, graphics, or text. Our weather-proof inks means that your signs will last a long time — not fading even after repeated outdoor use (even on a sunny beach).

If you go for one-sided printing, you will have a mirror image on the back of your teardrop banner, whereas double-sided printing allows for a second marketing message to be printed on the other side (with a custom backing in-between).

Creating a great design is essential. We will send you professional mockups of your teardrop banner before we go to print, so that you can be 100% assured of the print quality.

For high end professional corporate designs, have a look at this design agency for concepts 

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Transporting and taking your Display Banners on the road

Advertising on-the-go couldn’t be easier — just assemble your teardrop banners yourself for a cheap and easy way to promote up event, display, or business exhibition.

These compact and versatile flags are easy to pack away and transport. The great thing about them is that are portable and easily packed for shipping. They are suitable for any destination and you will find that moving them from location to location is simple and cost effective.  Set up is easy with the right base and kit: we can guide you through the packing up and assembly process.  For large freight and transport specifications, you can look at for low cost freight charges.

Extra kit & accessories

Our teardrop flag bases and poles are all sold separately — we will help you find the right kit for your needs.

Our specially-designed poles and bases have a two year guarantee so that you have total peace of mind. We use specially designed aluminium for the flagpole (lightweight, yet sturdy), and stock a variety of different bases that take you from soft sand to hard granite flooring. We also sell carrier bags so that you can easily transport your promotional bundle around.


What is the best way to use my  teardrop flags :

Here are three great ways to use them: to attract potential customers with a promotional message, to mark out space and guide people at events, or use them as part of a targeted advertising campaign. They’re the perfect way to announce a new opening, the beginning of your seasonal sales, or guide people around a large indoor our outdoor area (forecourts, stadiums etc.).

What’s the difference between the different flag shapes ?

A teardrop flag has a curved, rounded top area and a slightly more taut display because of the way that the pole runs up and around the top of the pole and tensions the material. The print area is good for wider larger logos .  As comparison, the feather flag shape does have a longer, narrower print area. More suited to text running top to bottom.

Do I need double-sided printing?  What difference will it make ?

As the cost to print and produce double sided flags is not a great deal more than single sided , it really does make sense to go double sided.  Your message will always be visible from any direction, no matter what angle people approach your sign from.  We use a special custom stitching that allows for a fully rotational flag with a special insert panel.

How long will my Teardrop Banners last ?

The life of the flags is very much dependent upon the level exposure to the weather and elements such as sun , wind and rain. If they are left outside 24 hours a day it will be a shorter life with noticeable fade after 9 months.
If they are placed outside in business hours , 10 hours a day, and brought inside overnight they will last 18 months or so. Less use in harsher weather conditions will extend their usable life with colours holding well. We don’t recommend leaving your banner flags outside in high winds and rain for extended periods of time, though they are hardy enough to withstand sustained outdoor use. Washing your banner is a great way to keep it fresh — just pop it in the washing machine.

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