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Advertising Flags and Banners - High Quality at Low Prices

High Quality, Expertly Finished Advertising Banners and Advertising Flags at low prices!
  • High Quality Banners at Low Prices.
  • ON TIME – Fast & Efficient Production
  • Long Life, Durable Flag Material with Hi Resolution Printing
  • Really Grab the attention of Traffic and Highlight your services
  • Large Range of Sizes , Styles and Bases. High Quality Poles.


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“The team at Printsmart were absolutely fantastic to work with. The process of ordering and receiving our Banner Flags was so efficient. A great experience from start to finish.”– Michael, Queensland Olympic Council

Advertising Flags and Banners – Outdoors, Events

We produce High Quality, expertly Finished Advertising Flags and Banners at low prices.

Our Outdoor Advertising Streamers and Banners are very successful at attracting the attention of passing traffic or walk by visitors. The double sided print can be seen from any direction.

Our high resolution printing is done on durable outdoor storm flag material. All our poles, bases and bags are designed for long life use and guaranteed for 2 years.

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Advertising Signs and Streamers are quick and easy to set up and are easily carried to any location. Our bases are designed with bearings in them that allows the sign to rotate with the wind so are always drawing attention.

We produce high impact graphics on the signages and recommend our True Double Sided Printing so your streamers will be clearly seen from any direction at all times. The storm cloth fabric is weather resistant and printed using special UV inks.

There are many base options for the poles ; star base , ground spike, tyre wheel base as well as the new Multi Surface weightable base that suits any ground surface.

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Advertising Streamers and Signs Features

  • True Double Sided Printing using uv resistant inks.
  • Lightweight but ultra sturdy poles and base.
  • Wind Rotation creates movement and grabs attention.
  • Impressive designs mean higher brand recognition.
  • Ease of installation
  • Convenience of Replaceable Graphics.
  • Delivered Australia Wide

Uses for the Signs and Banners are:

  • Outdoor Events
  • Charity Events
  • Media Events
  • Beach & Sporting Events
  • Real Estate Auctions
  • Golfing Tournaments
  • House Builders
  • Sporting Retail
  • Promotional
  • Car Yards
  • Street Corner Signage

True Double Sided Printing!
Logos are seen clearly on both sides.
Top quality stand and base.
Front of Flag | Back of Flag

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High Quality Finishing on all Banners and Flags

Sizes and Specifications for the Teardrop shape:

  • Small Advertising signages: 2.5m Height – Ad Space 1.8 x 0.9m
  • Medium Advertising signages: 3.4m Height – Ad Space 2.4 x 1m
  • Large Advertising signages: 4m Height – Ad Space 3 x 1m
  • Extra Advertising signages: 5m height – Ad space 4m x 1m

For further information on prices, artwork specifications, production and delivery for Signs and Streamers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, Hobart, Newcastle, Gold Coast, please ring our central phone number 1300 556 589

Advertising Flags

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Promotional Banner Flags For Your Business in Australia

Grab the attention of passing traffic and potential customers with our expertly finished flags.

Buy online for immediate dispatch & speedy delivery — just submit your design to our team for a quick turnaround on custom designs. Shop our range of individual flags, or buy a complete kit for quick & easy assembly and use.

We keep our prices low & guarantee all our products for two years. Buy today to make the most of an upcoming corporate event or sale.

Our commercial banner flags are the perfect way to promote your company. Whether you need a branded one for a business exhibition, a personalised flag for a local event, or an ad for outside your door — we’ve got the one for you.

Our outdoor signage is durable and versatile and suits shops and businesses of all sizes. It will drive footfall, help you direct customer traffic at events and on forecourts, and inform customers of your latest offers and upcoming sales: all in an easy and cost-effective way. Our graphics are high quality and the framed material is easily replaceable so you can keep refreshing your designs when you feel like it — taking you from season to season.

Haven’t got design capabilities in-house? Don’t worry — we can design your marketing message for you — just speak to our design team.

How promotional banners help you advertise

Flags have been making waves as the ‘new promotional media’ on the block, partly because they are more economical than other forms of traditional marketing.

Want to make a big impression? A flying banner is an ideal and eye-catching addition to your corporate branding — it’s a better way to advertise your business than a static vinyl sign that needs constant cleaning and replacing. They are also a lot more versatile thanks to their portability: you can easily take your promotional materials with you when you are on the road and space is a consideration.

Our business banners work for everyone and cater to all tastes: they can be showy, elegant, or funny — our designs are extremely versatile. Use vertical banners on the pavement outside your premises to drive in more people, or take them with you to an important event. Material signs are great for smaller budget businesses who don’t want to invest in permanent signage, but still want to show off their branding without looking cheap. At the same time, they’re also favoured by big corporate businesses and car retailers.  You can use banners at business trade shows, or make a splash at a grand opening with some fun flags.

Banners are specifically designed to deal with both wind rotation and absence of wind, so your message will always be visible to passersby. We sell flags of all different shapes and sizes, including popular teardrop banners and classic rectangle-shaped flags; you’ve got plenty to choose from, whether you want a huge showy forecourt flag, or a mini flag to fit inside your lobby.

We currently supply to a pool of satisfied clients from a variety of Aussie small businesses and brands, and we ll happily take on large-volume or wholesale orders. We deliver Australia-wide and pride ourselves on our speedy delivery and excellent customer service, so why not test us out today?

What make our promotional banners the best in Australia?

We certainly like to think that our flag banners are the best in the business! We put a lot of effort into our products and printing, and genuinely care about the businesses we help.

  • Made out of durable storm material that won’t fray in the wind — designed with the blustery Aussie climate in mind
  • Easy to clean canvas material— pop them in the washing machine when you’re done
  • High-impact graphics printed with a special UV-resistant disperse dye — your designs will remain vivid even after being used outdoors
  • We do both double and single-sided digital printing: double-sided printing ensures that your promotional message will be presented from the best angle, even in high winds (it’s the one we tend to recommend)
  • All our promotional banners are suitable for both indoor or outdoor use, adding to their versatility — they are as at home outside a busy car wash at the side of the road, as they are surrounding a table at a corporate exhibition
  • We also supply quality flag accessories to suit every possible scenario: all our kit comes with a generous two year guarantee for your peace of mind. (Confused about what bundle you’ll need? Don’t worry — we can help you decide on the best base and pole, whether you are setting up on the beach, or on a tiled shopfront).

Teardrop, rectangular & feather: Key differences

We stock a few different flag types; all are great at promoting your business, but they’re shaped slightly differently. Some allow for more text, others flutter in the wind more — discuss your choice with a sales assistant to see which one best matches your needs. The different names come from the actual shape of the banner — have a look at the images and you will soon spot why.

We currently stock the following designs:

  1. Teardrop Banners & Flags
  2. Rectangular Banners & Flags
  3. Feather Banners & Flags
  4. Wing Banners

Feather and teardrop banners are perfect for the great outdoors because they neatly sway in the wind, keeping your advertising visible at all times. Rectangular banners are tall and offer a lot of vertical space for a bespoke design, logo, or detailed graphic. A feather flag will flutter slightly more in the wind than a teardrop one, but both can also be used to great effect indoors, and neither actually need wind to remain upright.

Think carefully about what size is best for you, and whether you need to buy more than one flag to make up a cluster. Even just one big one standing on its own can have a big impact. Filling a space? Measure the vertical space you’d like to fill and check which flag is the best fit — we recommend using a tape measure to get an accurate feel for size.

Our bases and poles are all sold separately — we’ll help you find the right kit to assemble and erect your flags.

Custom designs delivered Australia-wide

To really stand out, go for a custom print that expertly conveys your brand’s tone. Check out previous flag artwork and designs, or get in touch with us if you have a ready idea for your design. Our design team are here to help you design your own flag.

When you are considering what to put on your flag, remember to make use of all of the space made available to you, and hone in on the key messages you want people to take away. Great visual imagery is very important — you want to ‘pop’ and stand out from the crowd.

With a sign like this that will be seen from afar, clarity is essential. You want to make sure that people really understand what you’re trying to tell them: ambiguity is not recommended, though you might want to experiment with some subtle humour. We recommend going for highly recognisable visuals and copy, and keeping things short and snappy.

How can you use our products to improve your marketing?

Not quite sure where promotional banners fit in with your marketing strategy? Here are some great reasons why outdoor banners could be good for your business:

  1. Outdoor advertising is a great way to promote yourself in a cost-effective way — it’s surprisingly cheap
  2. Good promotional materials can help you save on staffing costs, providing assistance to people without having to hire event stewards
  3. Material banners tend to be a much better investment than vinyl banners. More light-weight, portable, and modern; material flags last longer, and are more versatile
  4. Banner designs are usually colourful and fun, and create a real sense of celebration at a festival or event
  5. Outdoor flags are a handy way to direct people at an event — showing them which way to walk, or using a cluster to promote a stall
  6. They form an important part of your visual brand and will strengthen your overall branding efforts.


Where can I use advertising flags? Can I use them everyday?
They are really versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere! You can use them on a daily basis, or you can get them out for special events and occasions like sales or national holidays. Use them to control the flow of people at an event, whilst also subtly passing on your sales and marketing messages.

Here are just some of the things our current customers use our flags for:

  • Advertising sales and new product lines — set them up in front of your business or on the pavement outside
  • Outdoor events & local festivals (corporate & leisure)
  • Back-drops on a stage
  • Stadium flags
  • Club or company flags to display team spirit
  • Retail showrooms
  • University branding & events
  • Charity & media events
  • School flags to show school pride
  • Hospitality: hotels, catering, restaurants, cafes etc
  • Indoor business events and shows
  • Automotive dealers & car washes
  • Sporting events (golf, volleyball etc.)
  • Sport shops & sport retail
  • Real estate auctions.

What sort of promotional flags should I be flying?
The best banner designs tend to keep it quite simple — let your logo and brand colours do a lot of the talking, selecting only crucial copy for the ad space. Don’t confuse your promotional message with too many competing colours —stay close to your brand colours and seek colour harmony.

Keep things informational if you are using your flags for guidance; if your flags are geared for marketing, try to get people’s attention with a short and snappy tagline. Think carefully about your target market — reach more customers by awakening their curiosity with high-impact graphics.

Do I need a fancy custom design for my promotional sign?
Don’t worry — our flag designer can help you put something professional together. Sometimes, all you need is your logo and a bit of text with a short promotional message. Some designs end up being quite complex, but there is no need to over-engineer yours if you just want something simple. Browse our banner design collection for more ideas — we can come up with a bespoke design together.

Are my graphics going to be printed to a high standard? Will the final product look good?
Yes, our printing techniques are cutting-edge and ensure a non-bleed finish using water-resistant inks. We pride ourselves on our quality digital printing. We use a special UV-resistant ink that’s printed on using a disperse dye technique. This keeps the printed colours very vivid, so that you can enjoy your banner for longer. Don’t forget to store your flag away properly when it’s not in use, and don’t keep it out in bad weather, like during heavy storms, unnecessarily.

What else do I need for my kit?
Other than the material flag, you will need a flag pole and base (sold separately).

Our flag poles are made out of durable aluminium — they’re lightweight and easy to assemble and adjust for your convenience. Our poles will withstand strong winds, so you don’t need to worry about taking them inside on windy days.

We also offer a wide range of bases. Different bases suit different surfaces: it depends whether you’re using a flag on gravelled surface, or using it as a beach flag on a sandy dune. In terms of securing flags, a Ground Spike is a popular choice that will allow you to actually drive the pole into the ground, and our Ground Spike is made of heavy duty steel to prevent corrosion.

Are these signs portable and easy to carry?
Our banners are all easy to roll up and pack away in a special carrier: just pop them up and liven up your display in no time, packing them away again at the end of the day. The material we use is super strong, yet easy to clean and carry. The aluminium flag poles are lightweight and easy to dismantle, and you’ll get a convenient carry bag so that you can transport your kit without too much trouble.

For further information on prices, artwork specifications, production and delivery for signs and streamers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, Hobart, Newcastle, Gold Coast, please ring our central phone number 1300 556 589

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