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Printsmart Displays have been supplying high quality Advertising Banners and Advertising Flags to Canberra and ACT companies and organizations for over 8 years.

Advertising Flags and Advertising Banners in Canberra are commonly used on footpaths, road edges, public places and in front of buildings. The Canberra City Council has specific ” Advertising Device” requirements that every business needs to be aware of if they are looking to erect Advertising Flags and Advertising Banners in Canberra.

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Printsmart Displays have been producing a wide range of high quality Advertising Flags and Advertising Banners for Canberra and Regional ACT businesses and organizations for many years. Designed for all weather environments like Canberra experiences, they have a long display life.

As a company that sells Canberra wide, we realise each city council has different outdoor advertising requirements. We are confident that when you look to market your business in Canberra with our Advertising Flags and Advertising Banners, they will be suitable to meet Canberra City Council and Regional ACT area city council specifications.

Advertising Flags and Advertising Banners sites across Canberra are available for hire by all individuals and organisations wishing to publicise forthcoming events, activities or campaigns that are considered appropriate by the ACT Government. The ACT Government does not lease flags or banners sites for advertising purposes or to promote industry days.

The ACT Government supports the safe and responsible use of flags/banners at sites managed by ACT Property Group, within the Territory and Municipal Services Directorate as a way of:

  • enhancing Canberra’s visual attractiveness by adding colour and vibrancy to the city;
  • providing information about upcoming significant events of interest to the community, particularly in the cultural, charitable, sporting or recreational spheres occurring within Canberra or the ACT region;
  • promoting Canberra and the ACT region; and
  • recognising Canberra’s role as the nation’s capital.

The ACT Government has a set of standards that must be observed when flying your flags and/or banners. For instance, the size and shape must conform to ACT Government requirements. Also, Advertising Flags and Advertising Banners relating to visiting dignitaries, diplomats or other events that are deemed to be socially or politically significant to the ACT Government will always take precedence regardless of how long you had the sites booked.

To access the ACT Government’s application, guidelines, locations and pricing for flying flags and banners on its flag poles and/or street lights, please refer to Advertising Flags and Advertising Banners Operational Guidelines

View local laws online at:
Advertising Flags and Advertising Banners Operational Guidelines

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