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Rectangular Banners and Rectangular Flags Brisbane Qld

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Rectangular Banners and Rectangular Flags Brisbane Qld

Rectangular Banners and Rectangular Flags Brisbane Qld
At Printsmart, we have supplied our high quality Rectangular Banners and Rectangular Flags in Brisbane and regional Qld to a diverse range of clients. Our clients vary from large Brisbane and regional Qld companies and organizations to small businesses. All have been able to attract enquiry and get their message across to new prospects from foot and passing vehicle traffic. The most commonly used banner is the high impact, double sided printed Rectangular Banner and Rectangular Flags.
As we supply to groups all over Australia we realise every city council often has different outdoor display requirements. So if you are looking to market your services for your business in Brisbane with our Rectangular Banners and Rectangular Flags, you can check the relevant requirements and be assured the banners are used by other companies and meet the Brisbane and Regional Qld city council specifications.

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Brisbane is an ideal environment to display Rectangular Banners and Rectangular Flags due to the weather and reasonable Brisbane City council requirements.
Below is an extract from the Brisbane City Council website :
Approval to erect advertising signage/Portable advertising devices
Under what circumstances is it required?
PLEASE NOTE: Substantially incomplete applications may be rejected by Brisbane City Council. Please refer to ‘What are the pre-requisites to obtaining this authority’ for further information.

  • Outdoor signage that is visible from a road, footpath or any other public place is regulated by Council in order to prevent visual clutter and ensure public safety.
  • Depending on the type of sign and its location in the City, a sign may be classified as Permitted (does not require a licence), Licensable (you must apply for a licence) or Prohibited (the sign is not allowed) under the Advertisements Subordinate Local Law.
  • To be Permitted or Licensable, a sign must also meet the conditions set out in the Subordinate Local Law.
  • If the property or building on which the sign is to be placed is a heritage site, you must submit an application even if the sign type is classified as Permitted.
  • If your sign type is not described in the Subordinate Local Law, you must submit an application (describe the sign as a ‘new sign type’)..

View local laws online at:

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