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Rectangular Banners and Rectangular Flags Adelaide SA

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Rectangular Banners and Rectangular Flags Adelaide SA

Rectangular Banners and Rectangular Flags Adelaide SA
At Printsmart , we have supplied our high quality Rectangular Banners and Rectangular Flags in Adelaide and regional SA to a diverse range of clients. Our clients vary from large Adelaide and regional SA companies and organizations to small businesses. All have been able to attract enquiry and get their message across to new prospects from foot and passing vehicle traffic. The most commonly used banner is the high impact, double sided printed Rectangular Banner and Rectangular Flags.
As we supply to groups all over Australia we realise every city council often has different outdoor display requirements. So if you are looking to market your services for your business in Adelaide with our Rectangular Banner and Rectangular Flags, you can check the relevant requirements and be assured the banners are used by other companies and meet the Adelaide and Regional SA city council specifications.

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Rectangular Banners and Rectangular Flags Adelaide have really taken off. The Adelaide City Council have simple reasonable requirements. Just Furniture have 3 flags set up outside their store.
Below is an extract from the Adelaide City Council website:
Adelaide City Council is responsible for the flying of flags and banners in various public locations in the City.
Flag and banner sites are available for temporary hire to the community at large or community groups, for a fee, at designated locations around the City.
Flags and banners designated for hire should be utilised so as to:

  • Enhance the City’s visual attractiveness, style and sophistication by decorating and enlivening City streets.
  • Reinforce the City’s image as the Capital of the Festival State.
  • Convey a sense of activity and creativity and promote events that enhance the City’s vibrancy and encourage visitation.
  • Reinforce the visual image associated with a major event, activity, or campaign to market the City.
  • Convey information about cultural, community, sporting, recreational or tourist events, festivals or major activities.
  • Promote the City of Adelaide as a destination for visitation.

View local laws online at:

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