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Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags Sydney NSW

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Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags Sydney Nsw

Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags Sydney New South Wales

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Sydney Council requirements for Banner Signage

Printsmart Displays have been supplying high quality Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags to Sydney and regional New South Wales companies and organizations for over 8 years.

As a national company we are aware that each individual council in each region around the country appears to have their own requirements and guidelines for outdoor displays. If you are looking to promote your business with  Teardrop Banners or Flags in Sydney city and local suburbs, we look to produce our signage to conform  with the various Sydney and Regional NSW city council specifications.  There is a link attached with more details to assist with understanding the main council guidelines and how to conform within those.

How  Teardrop Banners or Flags attract passing traffic in Sydney 

For many local companies, associations, shops and event organisers in Sydney they want to use the exposure they
have from their premises or street fronts to passing traffic and pedestrians.  Being able to promote their products,
services and special sales to potential clients , efficiently and economically.

Teardrop Banners and Flags have proven to be a very good display medium that can highlight the logo , images
and text and create a clear message that can attract the attention of potential prospects and clients.
Sydney streets have a very high volume of cars on them every day of the week , so when you look at the low costs
to have a series of display banners printed with your information on them and the amount of eyeballs you can attract,
well it is a very simple decision to make . High quality images and crisp text on double sided flags make for a very
cheap way to gain more exposure  and build your brand 24 hours a day.

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Large range of Base Options available for all Sydney weather conditions :

Regardless of the ground surface you have to deal with, we have a base option that will allow you to safely and securely
set up any one of the different sizes of Teardrop Banner or Flags .  Companies like Sydney Tyre Exchange use the
extra large size and anchor the poles to a fixed tube base out the front of their premises. The display banners
regularly bring in new clients from passing motorists.
Regardless of the prevailing weather , the staff take them out and set them each day in their specific bases
and just before closing time bring them in for safe storage.  The life span is around two years for this type of use.


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The City of Sydney Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags are used as a highly effective advertising medium to promote arts and cultural activities including events, festivals, tourism or civic programs, as well as major sporting and retail events of public interest.

The banners and flags network can’t be used as an advertising medium for products and services and must visually enhance the city’s streetscape.

Benefits of City banners and flags

  • Own the City’s most well-known locations
  • Across the world’s largest City banner network
  • In more than 1,900 premium locations throughout the City
  • Reach up to 800,000 workers, residents and visitors to the City each day.

View local laws online at:

Printsmart Displays is a low cost – high quality supplier . To check our prices are competitive and some of the best in the city, go to the other main provider website and compare the costs. We are confident that you will see what value and great customer service we offer.