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Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags Melbourne VIC

High Quality, Expertly Finished Teardrop Banners & Flags at Low Prices!


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“The team at Printsmart were absolutely fantastic to work with. The process of ordering and receiving our Banner Flags was so efficient. A great experience from start to finish.”– Michael, Queensland Olympic Council

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Teardrop Banner and Flags Features

True Double Sided Printing!
Logos are seen clearly on both sides.
Top quality stand and base.
Front of Flag | Back of Flag

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High Quality Finishing on all Banners and Flags

Full Range of Banner Shapes and Sizes

Printsmart Displays have been supplying high quality Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags to Melbourne & VIC companies and organizations for over 8 years.

As a national company we are aware of each city councils requirement for outdoor displays,
so if you are looking to promote your business inMelbourne with Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags we produce our banners toMelbourne city & VIC specifications.

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Melbourne Teardrop Banner Information –  Fast Free Delivery on orders over $500.00

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Melbourne businesses receive high Quality Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags at great prices. 
They can be used outdoors for any events and bring in new clients and opportunities with this high impact street signage to attract attention. 
The hardware and base options are extremely durable and made for all weather conditions.

Looking for Teardrop Banners or Teardrop FlagsMelbourne suppliers ? Please contact us at Printsmart .
We offer low prices and have various sizes, shapes of designs and formats as well as long life equipment. 

Melbourne is a great environment to display portable outdoor signage due to the great weather and reasonable Melbourne council requirements.


Melbourne City Council guidelines to display Teardrop Banners and Flags  :    

The majority of city councils in Australia, including Melbourne CC, have guidelines and specifications relating to outdoor displays that are visible from the road by passing traffic. Dozens of clients that regularly set up their teardrop banner flags each day have had no concerns with the council inspectors as far as conforming to the basic guidelines.

The flags are usually placed on or near the clients premises and they have been very effective at drawing the attention of traffic and visitors without causing disruption to motorists etc.  All our different bases used with our flexitech poles will suit the surface type you are setting  up on. The new bases are designed to be very sturdy and are created to try and avoid being a trip hazard. This is actually an important element to take into consideration.

Advertising board permits will not be issued to businesses located on:

  • Swanston Street between Flinders and Victoria streets
  • Collins Street between Spring and Spencer streets
  • Elizabeth Street between Flinders and Victoria streets
  • Bourke Street between Spring and Spencer streets
  • Lygon Street between Queensberry and Faraday streets
  • Southbank Promenade
  • roadways with a shared use by pedestrians and vehicles or with intermittent closures e.g. Hardware Lane.

What style of image and pole sleeve is best for Teardrop Banners and Flags ?

Until the design has been actually tested you will not really know. In a real life situation you will learn the benefit of the teardrop shape as the larger print surface has good width and height and will suit a logo that requires good white space to be easily visible.  There are Melbourne design companies like Greenland designs that are very good at creating a layout around your logo that can be placed into our artwork templates and add text and images to make the flag stand out and really grab the attention of visitors. We help ensure your logo and brand are consistent.

Fees for advertising boards

The fee for the placement of advertising boards is $50 per month, to be paid in quarterly instalments. Applicants must have public liability insurance for greater than $10 million that specifically includes the placement of the advertising board and lists the City of Melbourne as an interested party.

View local laws online at:

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