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Teardrop Banners & Flags Gold Coast Qld

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  • Large Range of Sizes , Styles and Bases. High Quality Hardware.

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Teardrop Banners & Flags Gold Coast Qld

Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags Gold Coast South East Qld
Printsmart Displays have been supplying high quality Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags to Gold Coast and regional South East Qld companies and organizations for over 8 years.

As a national company we are aware of each city councils requirement for outdoor displays,
so if you are looking to promote your business in Gold Coast with Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags we produce our banners to Gold Coast and Regional South East Qld. city specifications.

High Quality Finishing on all Banners and Flags


Village Community Services in Helensvale on the Gold Coast enjoy the versatility of their Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags, as they can be used both indoors & outdoors for all their events and for their street signage to attract attention.

They had been looking for a Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags Gold Coast supplier and came to Printsmart due to our various sizes, high quality and low prices.

The Gold Coast is an ideal environment to display Teardrop Banners and Teardrop Flags due to the temperate weather and reasonable Gold Coast City council requirements.

Below is an extract from the GCCC website :


If you are an applicant, this information and checklist is intended to assist you to determine

whether you are able to assess a proposed advertising device as Self Assessable Development or whether a Planning Application should be lodged with the Gold Coast City Council.


An Advertising Device is self assessable in the Table of Development, contained in Local Area Plans or Domains (also known as Place Codes), subject to the advertising device complying with the provisions of the relevant Local Area Plan or Domain, specific development codes and constraint codes.

If the advertising device does not comply with the self assessable provisions of the relevant Local Area Plan or Domain the application will become Code/Impact assessable development and a Planning Application (Operational Works) must be lodged with Council (The Form 1 Development Application includes Part A and Part E).

An Application to License an Advertising Device (Form S) must also be completed by the owner of the sign who will be responsible for the payment of an annual licence fee if applicable.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm the application status (Self, Code or Impact Assessable Development) of the proposed advertising device.

Code and Impact assessable advertising devices will be assessed in accordance with the provisions of the Specific Development Advertising Device Code and the stated purpose of Council’s Planning Scheme.

Advertising Devices are subject to the Building Act 1975 Regulations and may require Building Work Approval prior to final Planning Development approval. Contact a Private Certifier for further information. (Please Note: Private Certifiers are listed in the Yellow Pages under Building Surveyors)

View local laws online at:

View Larger Map